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Since 1977 Coys Wheel has been a leading retailer of custom wheels specializing in the finest quality wheels the market has to offer. Originally located in Denver Colorado, Randy Coy founded and ran his "Coys Custom Wheel and Tire" shops for 20 years. In 1997 Randy sold his stores in Denver including the largest retail wheel and tire store in the world at the time.


In 2005 Randy developed the "Coys Equipped" line of Custom Wheels for Hot Rod, Muscle Cars and Classic trucks. Since that time we have dedicated our efforts to manufacturing quality custom wheels with applications and sizes that other manufactures fail to supply to the market. Our one of a kind custom sizes include: 20x14, 20x12, 20x7, and 18x5!

With over 40 years of retail experience and our very own Coys Equipped wheel line we have merged the two together to create the most competitive Classic wheel line in the world! Offering the highest quality brands the market has to offer such as; American Racing, Coys Equipped Wheels, Cragar Wheels, and Boyd Coddington wheels, you will always find what you need with us! 

Coys Equipped Banner Featuring C-5 Wheel Chrome
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